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Uniform Lazy Narrowing:
Experiments and Benchmark Programs

María Alpuente (1) - Moreno Falaschi (2) - Pascual Julián (3) - Germán Vidal (1)

(1) DSIC, Univ. Politécnica de Valencia. - (2) Dip. di Mat. e Informatica, Univ. di Udine. - (3) Departamento de Informática, Univ. de Castilla-La Mancha.

The results presented in our work Uniform Lazy Narrowing [1], apart from being a theoretical basis for several implementations of needed narrowing which compile inductively sequential programs into a Prolog representation of a uniform program (which is then executed in Prolog on demand), can help us to introduce improvements in these implementations of needed narrowing. In this appendix we show how those implementations could be improved by considering the translation of source programs into (not necessarily simple) uniform programs which are then executed by uniform lazy narrowing (encoded in Prolog).

Pascual Julian Iranzo 2002-09-06